Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Okay, things have gotten a bit better after my last post, I was quite sick and had little concentration and was sleeping bad. Last week I started looking for work. First I applied for a job with a forestry company, but this week they told they did not need any extra empolyers. Still I am quite tired sometimes, so I might not have be able to keep up with the heavy sawing.

Today I got contacted I applied for a job in a cheesery in the area. I will probably start working there for a few days next week. It seems I have the freedom to be working a few days a week instead of a whole week. This still gives me time to keep on working with the homefrontcomittee, fundraising and drawing.
The employment agency seemed to be quite impressed with my resumé, it is quite a different one that they usually deal with. I gave me a certain sense of satisfaction that I can say I am working for myself for a few days a week. And that is how I have been viewing my activities in this last week. It feels much better that just hanging around the house.

One thing I deceided to be working at for myslef is to get an understanding of how the gospels were written, I have been writing about this before. And more and more I come to see how well written the Bible is. It is amazing!
I have made a start with making a comic version of the Gospel of Mark, where I don't want to add my own literary constructions, but instead make a try at showing how well written this Gospel is by itself.
Mark is the shortest and most vivid Gospel, this makes it very usable for telling it to kids.
Also, Matthew and Luke seem to have used Mark's text when they were writing their Gospels. So, when I can "manage" Mark, it will be a easier to tell from Matthew or Luke. John is totally different, but very interesting.

In my next post you will hear at what place I ended up at the cheesery, and how many more comicpages I have made, I should make one about the Easter story I guess.

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