Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hei, We have had a very good time in Skjeberg. We were very well received by the different churches. Our show was part of a "Childrens festival", We were there in good time and had our stage up a good hour before we had to start. We are quite used to setting up the stage, still the big puppet theatre can be a bit complicated. This timee we have done the same show as last times.We had two of the DTS students with us, Kim and Heidi.

The DTS students here at Grimerud have to choose a special focus besides their normal school program, this year they can choose between: Children's Work, Worship or Practical Work. The special focus of my own DTS was to the indigenous peoplegroups of the north. Four of the ten students have chosen the children's work track and are with us a few hours on thursdays. Kim and Heidi are two of those, and were allowed to come with us on our trip so they got to put their track in practice. They were really great helps, and we had a great time. Kim is a guy, not a girl.

On Saturday we had our show in the mission-church and on sunday we had a song in the state-church and Chris was having the sermon up in the pulpit together with Øystein. Even though a lot of the children that were there are in the church choir, I was amazed to hear of the many broken families they come from when we talked with the after the show and service. Kim has a big heart for children, and he was singing a song together with one young boy, when suddenly the boys mother left the church crying. Afterwards she told him that it was the first time she saw her boy happy after his father die three weeks before.

Our (mine and yours) attitude sometimes says so much more then what we can say with words. Children are much more receptive to this then adults. So, be happy and positive, it will do something to your environment. My face often looks a bit serious, there are different ways we can be encouraging to the people around us.

Also I have been drawing plants and trees in the last week, for freelance work.

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Ansku said...

You guys are doing great work there! I'm happy to read your blog, it's always exciting :) Keep up the good work for Jesus!