Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's the darkness

Yeah, for the last week I had such a terribly slow period. I was tired a lot and didn't want to get out of bed in the morning, which I usually do, I think. It has gotten a lot darker in the last while, and somehow I don't have as much energy as I used to.

It's dark and cold outside and I don't bike to the grochery-store so often anymore. Also we have some snow now, and that can be fun. Last weekend we were on the terrain of the Kindergarten after dinner to slide down the icy hill. The rolling terrain around the base is all covered with snow and we have spotted pheasants and deer much easier because of the lighter background.

Things are also going well at work. The magazine with our first two childrens pages has been sent to the printer, it should come out quite soon. We are really looking forward to hear what people think about it. Right now I am working on the next issue which will have four childrens pages. The subject will be God as a creator. These sketches have been on my drawing table in the last days, really not knowing what the bigger picture should look like, I was just making some sketches of what I thought could be in there. The sketch in the box is a thumbnail of the real thing, which I am going to do on a A3 size. The train of sliders is from the slide we did in the weekend, the guy in the tube is from a few winters ago. Never done an whole A3 before, it is very nice to be trying out so many different things.

Christmas is approaching, and I will be in Holland with my family. I don't have many things planned there, I guess that is only a good thing. I have not seen my family in three months. During newyears I will be back again at Grimerud, where a newyears festival will be going on. Lots of Christian youth will be at this base to celebrate the change of year with us.

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