Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is currently in my head.

Heya, The first block of our S-PCYM school is over, and I am back in the office. We had a really great time together. It was very nice to have 11 people from the Dutch YWAM bases being here with us. These school weeks have been very intense, both a lot to do and a lot to process.

I am still figuring out how I can aply all the teaching to my life firstly and also to the team I work with and my work.

Like I wrote before, in the first week we learned about what the biblical view on children. How does God look at children and young people, what do I do with that in my own life and my work?

In the second week we had the founder of Kings Kids visiting, his name is Dale Kauffman, he is American, but born in China, and after having lived in different places, he works in Hong Kong now. It was very inpiring to hear from him that the most important thing for him and his family has always been to live as close as possible to God. It encouraged and challenged me to live an transparent life, comitted to God.

The third week his daughter was teaching about biblical view of families and how to link the generations. The most important thing I got out of it is that families have the resposibility and task to teach the young generation. That the teaching is supposed to happen by examplary living, and every day in the homes.

For me these things mean that I am in rethinking my goals a bit at work, that I maybe should shift my focus from children to families.

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