Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Gladiator

Okay, the new Mot Målet (YWAM magazine) has come yesterday, and in there are our four children´s pages. We are all very happy with the results, I was actually quite surprised how many of my drawing were in there. Also they interviewed me about why I had taken a DTS and what I thought about it.

We are on our way already for the next children´s pages, where we will have a poster and two pages about Gods being Holy. The poster is already done, so that gives us good time to work on the two pages. Yeah, we had a kinda stormy and bumpy time in our team, were we had been restructuring things. But for now I am the one responsible for the children´s pages we are making for the team.

Two weekends ago I was with a bachelor party that Chris was a arranging for Matthew a guy we know from YWAM. We were at Oslo Gladiators, which was a big basement with lots of games that we did competing in teams of four. There was a mechanical rodeo bull and a boxing ring with huge boxing gloves, and more that you can see on the web. With the boxing thing the smallest of the group was gonna box against me, the lady guiding us was a bit worried about him. It went okay, he just thought he should be running around allot so he would not get hit.

Yes, and further, I am very much looking forward to be back in Holland for a few weeks in the end of this month. Besides working at the children´s pages, we are preparing for the Easter Camp with is the beginning of April. I will have a little two hour seminar about how to make a comic, or tell a story with drawings. This week the comic making books arrived that I ordered a little earlier.

Ok, back to busy for now,
hopefully see you in Holland, or Norway.

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