Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Planes and trains: sketching time

This is me being crayon-green, posing like I´m blue.
My brother made this quick sketch when I was visiting them last week.
We tried to get my nephew (age 1) to sketch some too,
He was more interested is stacking and sorting the crayons.

On airports, planes and trains I often spend the time sketching,
Just looking at people, and make interesting drawings of them.
People that don´t read or sleep on the airplane look like such assassins.
I doodled a few monograms for my nephew Ties,
the top one ended up looking like an elephant.

Here and on the other page, I have been practicing some sheep/lam, there was a need for that.
And dads with young children/babies, lately I have been around small children alot.
Sketchbook and pencil was my only hand-luggage on my last flights between Oslo and Amsterdam.

So everyone has a unique "line", just  like everyone has a unique and recognizable voice and body smell.
Your line shows in how you draw and write, it´s kind of your own style.
You can develop it, but some things never change.
So, the thing on the left-hand page is just that, a drawing.
I just filled the page with lines that were natural to my hand.
The segments are colored with four colors of crayons,
I did it in such a way that no connecting segment would have the same color.

On the right-hand page I applied the wavy lines to a subject, which where lion statues.
Ik heb net een weekje vakantie in Nederland gehad, hier zijn een paar schetsen die ik in die tijd gemaakt heb.

I had one week of holiday back in the Netherlands, here are some of the sketches from that time.

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