Saturday, February 25, 2012

Drawing Diary: 23 and 24 February 2012

23 February: I am the passion inside of you
My bible-group crashed in our kitchen this evening, with chips, candy and coffee. My take-away: If I want my faith to make sense in a country that has left God, I have to do so in a "God-less" way, and with little religion. Then, I can not hide behind church and theory, but have to show it though living by my personal convictions and doubts. Not that this is a new idea, but very good be talking about it.

24 February: Audun Appreciation
Audun had his birthday, and we celebrated. I think he is a big brother kind of figure to many of the people at Grimerud, and that is good. It is good to see how he is personally involved with many of us here, selflessly. Personally, I value our coffee-time at home where we can talk about where we want our lives to go. I appreciate his broad involvement and depth of character.

Someone said: It´s at day-to-day christian living where the Norwegians have the greatest need to be encouraging each other, rather than living for big ideas and passions. I see the value of both, and I think I am trying to be somewhere in-between.
It is my hope that this drawing diary will somehow contribute to a day-to-day encouragement.

This german song is the title for thursday-post. And listening to it brought a very different and deeper angle to it.

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