Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drawing Diary: 8 and 9 March 2012

8 March: Dette er ekte glede.
I was at my bible-group, and someone showed a picture of her nephew, holding a newborn his newborn twin-sons, Benjamin and Christian. The man had been addicted on much and lived to feel the greatest pleasures. Now, he has been clean for 3 years. When he held the newborn, he had to cry and said: This is real joy.

9 March: A sour slice
Today a colleague apologized for giving me sour remarks the other day, of course I forgive. Bad days happen to everyone. The processes and communication in design-jobs can be very unclear, irregular and un-pastoral.
Even the more reason to ask sincerely: "how are you doing?", and give everyone the "VIP-treatment". You get the best out of people when you give them the best.

I listened to this song  by The Chap,
These lines out of the chorus arrested me:

Wrote you a letter, I´d soon regret,
made me feel better. For a day.
Writing´s for cowards, talking´s for men.
Cowards write songs and, never do what needs to be done.

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