Saturday, April 14, 2012

Drawing Diary: 11 and 12 April

11 April: Investment = constant initiative? 
I had a good talk with Maria today, about relationships. Like with the kid at the Café yesterday, there is a lot to say for taking the initiative when I want to invest in people. Consistently investing in this diary, I can do, and I see that it works. Someone suggested that if this "method" works for one thing in my life, than I should try if it would work in other things in my life a well. The fact that I agree, is not enough for me.

12 April: Right there with them
I heard that one senior-high-school girl had a head-on collision with a truck last night, and died. Many of her class-mates often hang out at the christian youth-café I work. We let the kids know that our café was open for them to be together. God and His christians got themselves delegated to the edges of this society. I believe He is still "right there with them". I want to be too, and show just that. When we grieve and when we party.

The entry for the 11th of April is mostly for myself, it is okay if you don´t get it. It´s related to the entries of 6 February and 21 March.
The entry for the 12th is for me the meaning of Gethsemane, that Jesus asks his friends to "be with him" when he is closest to despair.

When/If this book finishes, it will be treasure-tome that describes this one year out of my life. A year that hopefully will show who God is for me.

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