Sunday, April 15, 2012

Drawing Diary: 13 and 14 April

13 April: I have strong-sentiment-anxiety
I have been a bit anxious about the idea of spending hours in the café with grieving kids. We had especially opened for them today, to be together if they needed. The school-board had asked asked us to do this, and later informed the girl´s class about this. Some youth did come by, but not really to "process their grief". As I biked to the café, I thought back of when we lost our friend Boukje in my study-time. And how good it was just to "there with each-other".

14 April: Ost
Norwegians are very poetic about their cheese. It is sold by color: White, yellow and brown. It´s very simple. It has always been like this, and it does not need to be changed. 

For my work I finally had to the bottom of how to use Ellipsis in the Norwegian language.
The rules are actually quite simple.

I would like to tell about the thirty years leading up to this diary. There are a lot of good things to tell. I can only tell as much as I know and understand. Some things I have forgotten, while other things are still a bit unclear and unsolved.

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