Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drawing Diary: 17 and 18 April

17 April Røverkaffe (oppskrift = hemlig)
Whoops, we ran out of coffee-beans at the café today. We had to resort back to filter-coffee. Filter-coffee is good if you use clean water, a clean machine and not to much coffee. Two weeks ago I had a really good cup of "regular" coffee (Friele). I had used less coffee than ususal. I am not a coffee-snob.

18 April The pacesetter
We are starting up a big project at work and it is not really clear for me what we exactly are going to be aiming for. That is frustrating for me, and at the end of the day I do not feel like I had gotten anything done. I super-like it when I know exactly what we want, and enough of how we are going to do it. The only way to make this nasty feeling go away, is to just start doing things. I am not a pioneer. 

Okay, Robber´s coffee is when we experimentally re-use the mushed espresso-cake and try to make new espresso´s from them. We did not serve this to our customers, robber´s-oath.

I am happy to hear different people say that my blog is an inspiration, and that they are recommending it to their friends, that is flattering.

It has to get simpler, I have to cut on the time spent on this diary, the entries will be less reflective. The drawings will get quicker and simpler. I just love the long reflected entries and detailed, worked through drawings. But no. It is going to be short for a while.

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