Monday, April 23, 2012

Drawing Diary: 21 and 22 April

21 April: Keep the stories rolling
I like to think of history as series of ongoing stories, rather than as dates and facts. To keep re-telling these YWAM-stories, makes our organization feel more like a family than a corporation.
This brings back a good memory of when I worked at a tyrewholesale company. Their hall and offices displayed the history of this family-business.

22 April: Order in the house
We are a missions-organisation, and most of the time many of us are away doing something good. Today after church all the guys were home, and we had a "house-meeting". This meant setting up a cleaning-schedule and getting everyone on the same page about recycling. We sorted shoes and shampoo bottles.

We are all part of stories and history. Family, home-town, school-yard, summer-vacations, christmas-eve´s …
Some of us partake in stories in different countries. The whole mass-murder of last summer is a story I don´t like to be part of. But there it is, and here I am. The biggest story for me is the God of the bible, and the crux is that Jesus became man …

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