Monday, April 9, 2012

Drawing Diary: 7 and 8 April

7 April: The Flying Dutchman
While working on yesterdays watercolor-drawings, I listened to a Dutch audio-book of "The Flying Dutchman" by P.VIsser. It was an very exciting story to listen to, that again awakened my interest for Dutch history. I remembered seeing a huge movie-poster in Kars´s house in Arnhem of a Dutch-made movie with the same title. Afterwards I thought I should become a history-teacher, and teach history by stories and not by facts. It is the stories that I remember, not so much the "names and facts". 

8 April: Captain Francis Haddock
Me and Kristy were invited by the Bråthen family to eat a leg of easter-lamb at their place. After dinner we played a language-aquicition game. And when the kids went to bed we watched the first two-thirds of movie "Tin Tin", we did not get it to download completely. I am not a big fan of motion capture. Thank you for the nice evening Krissy and Øyvind.

I was quite surprised to read that "The Flying Dutchman" is the only Dutch movie that has made it into the top 100 best movies of the last century, here is the website. I had started to download it, but when that took me too long time, I cancelled the whole thing.
Impatience makes me a lousy pirate.

Here is a website about the movie we watched, brimming with commerce and adventure.
I rather read the comic-books, or listen to another audio-book.

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