Thursday, May 3, 2012

Drawing Diary: 1 and 2 May

1 May: Labour Day
Today was a day off, I slept in after last night in the café.
Some people were weeding the garden, others weeding their mail inbox. I did my accounting.
Nina and Irene spent the day baking 35+ breads. Thank you so much girls!

2 May: Revolution of Love
YWAM´s activity in Norway has sprung from the evangelism event in München in 1972. We have been going now for 40 years. There and then, young christians were on the streets, singing, marching, praying and talking with everyone gathered there that summer. It was a revolution of love, against communism and against the hatred of the attacks on the Israeli athletes.
I discussed with someone today, the similarities and the differences between the peaceful marches 40 years ago, and the Norwegian stand of solidarity last week at the Young-square. They look kinda alike, it makes me think.

I (we) grew up with a couple of Richard Scarry picture books in the house.
Friendly animals doing crazy stuff, with a myriad of things to learn and look at.
When I was browsing for a bread-picture, I found this blog: It´s about the Dutch word "Broodschool" (translated: Breadschool), only a child could come up with it.
The rest of the blog is quite entertaining too, for expats.

Here you can watch the christian evangelism event at the summer of 1972 in Münich.
Here you can watch 40.000 Norwegians sing a song for the trialed mass-murder in Olso last week.

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