Saturday, May 26, 2012

Drawing Diary: 23 and 24 May

May 23 Rock and scissors on paper
At the writing course today, we learned about "story structure" and "elements of the stage". A scene can be broken down to pitting the pro- and antagonist (of ideas) against each other, have them face-off, and conclude the resolve.
It´s like putting Rock and Scissors on paper.

May 24 Your star
The stars of revelation finally burned holes thought the inky night sky.
I get it now, the writing lessons needed to settle for two days.
This diary is about you (That means YOU). I will give you, what is valuable to me.
Like those stars on the firmament, that God could not keep for himself.
He is burning them for you and me.

The entry for the 25th builds on the entry from 22th February,
and C.S. Lewis´s essay: The Weight of Glory.

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