Thursday, May 10, 2012

Drawing Diary: 5 and 6 May

5 May: Today, the Netherlands celebrate the Nazi capitulation that ended the war on all of Dutch ground for 67 years ago. Today I am reading old books about the Dutch resistance forces. About Frits de Zwerver, Johannes Post and Tante Riek. They carried inside of them the true spirit of resistance. To maintain their justice and not forfeit their freedom. It is inspiring to read how many of the resistance fighters were motivated by their faith.

6 May: I read about the Norwgian resistance today, that was a very different story then the Dutch. At church today the speaker talked about "families that make a difference". He also asked us to think of the three things that are (or seem to be) the three highest values in our family. For the family that I come from,  independence and being Christian are two of them. I went to bed before I figured out a third ...

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