Friday, July 13, 2012

Drawing Diary: 28 and 29 June

28 June: I had my first day of vacation and took the train to Oslo to fetch my parents for the cruise-boat. Right off the boat we visited the Norwegian Folk museum at Bygdøy. We also saw the King´s summer castle, his farm an his cows. In Olso we had a look at the King´s palace, the palace-park and the royal guard. A couple of hours after we arrived at Grimerud, we were watching the soccer-match.

29 June: For "Hiking practice today we walked to the lake (Mjøsa), and back again. In the afternoon we visited the secondhand-store that is run by my church. My dad works with repair of electronics in a big second hand store at home.

Driving by the royal farm and the royal cows, I wondered wether the royal guard would get his majesty´s milk served, or wether the royal farm milk would get mixed in with the people´s cow´s milk and sold from supermarket fridges.

The king himself loves his people, he must be personally overjoyed to drink the people´s cow´s milk.

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