Friday, August 3, 2012

Drawing Diary: 1 and 2 August

1 August: A B
My grade for the Writing Workshop came in, I got an B, or 8. That´s cool, it means I passed. YAY! If I not had not left our one big important part in my story, I could have had a much higher grade.
I have not been writing so much in the last three months after the workshop. I have been looking up my notes from time to time. though.

2 August: A sure thing
Sure there is enough to do at the office. We are at full thrust with the DTS-magazine. Since not all the people are back the vacation, I can be flexible with my work hours. So I have been baby-sitting in the early afternoon. It providentially provided me with the money I needed to pay my for last years income-tax. I caught up the work hours in the evening.

This week I found two interesting video´s of artists/people that are too tell other people´s stories. Revok the graffiti-writer and Brandon Stanton the city-photographer.
How would you like to do as a regular celebration of life and art?

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