Monday, August 20, 2012

Drawing Diary 17 and 18 August

17 August: They came without warning
Suddenly, in the evening I get a phone-call that someone was here to see me. I thought I was in trouble, but it showed to be friends of mine from the netherlands who had been touring through scandinavia with their caravan. They were satisfied with camping out at the parking-lot for the night, and happy that they got to use our facilities.

18 August: Café UNO is back.
I used to cut down big trees, today I painted one.
Today was the big day in which we re-opened the youth-café. My special assignment was to paint a new "family tree". Everyone visiting can tag their name on the painted tree on the wall. I was quite nervous before I got started. I rarely draw on surfaces bigger than an A4, and never while 30-40 people are watching. I didn´t get to finish painting the tree, my eyes started to hurt from staring at the wall for so many hours.

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