Sunday, August 26, 2012

Drawing Diary 23 and 24 August

23 August: A no-no.
Listening to audiobooks, I very much dislike it when the reader starts to make voices for the characters (or sing). A good narrator does not have to add to the story.
I listened to an podcast with Paula Bulling, a comic book artist from Germany, she had done a book about the situation of many of the refugees there. While making the book she hit the classic problem she called "active white people telling the passive black people´s experiences". This really got me thinking, I would like to be telling of the experiences  of people I meet.

24 August: Because he is neighbor.
I would not have to leave Norway to find a story for a comic-book. Today´s example: Breivik got sentenced to 21 years in prison, and can be held accountable to what he has done. Neither would I have to leave the municipality I live in, to find a story of significance. I like it that I can meet the people I work with, face to face.
I live in Norway, and I want to work for something in Norway (this almost sounds like a resolution).

Over the book you can see a Christmas-post I have been working on. I was planning to get it scanned in the city today, but on a saturday-afternoon, all the copy-shops were closed.

To tell the stories that are happening directly around me has been the idea of this diary from the beginning, instead of trying to make a fictional story and teach a good moral or two. Nothing wrong with that though, I have been listing to fairy tales exclusively in the last months.

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