Thursday, August 30, 2012

Drawing Diary: 27 and 28 August

27 August: the UNO backyard.
This evening we had the first staff-meeting for Cafe UNO, in our new place. I left from Grimerud a little early so I could have some time to draw our backyard. There is only space for two tables and seven chairs though. Mutch better than nothing.

28 August: Thinks  funky little bad when we are tired.
And today another day at the Café, it´s good to get back in the rhythm. Many of the old customers are coming back, like this quiet guy who always orders a double cappuccino and goes to sit in a corner with his kindle. We call him DC, cuz we don´t know his name.

By this time I am pretty tired of doing this diary book all the time. It is still fun, no doubt. It´s a little bit like I am celebrating myself a little bit every day. Parties are fun, but every day is too much.
I had very little time, so I did not color the drawing, or draw in the two tables and seven chairs. But now you can see my bicycle on the right side. I am very happy that our new place has a rack I can park my bike in.

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