Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drawing Diary: 4 and 5 September

4 September: More chairs, new ones
Café UNO is getting better and better. Linn and Jenny were on another coffee-course and came back with trunk-load of tables, chairs and buckets for the new place. From IKEA, so me and Kalle needed some hours to montage it all together. 

5 September: More chairs, used ones
Living and working at on old farm is really great, today we had our department meeting standing under one of the plum-trees here. Afterwards, I walked down to the storage to find extra office-chairs for the people that had transferred to our department, a red one and a blue one.

It keeps being interesting how I can somehow "bridge" two days with a very unexpected topic. Chairs, in this case. I thought for a few moments that I should probably find something more significant to write about, cuz, chairs are neither exciting nor thought-provoking.
Yet, many of these diary entries are often about seeing the significance or beaty in the normal and daily events. And making them a little more valuable by writing about them.
Naive perhaps …

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