Monday, October 8, 2012

Drawing Diary: 6 and 7 October

6 October: Tiny white flowers
The autumn colors are so nice this time of the year. Since I am planning to draw some landmarks when I am back in the Netherlands, I took my chance on «Stange kirke» after dinner. I was just in time to take a photo of the last rays of orange glow, then the sun went down.

The little thing I was the most happy about, was that one of our four plants here had tiny white flowers on is, Suddenly after one year.

7 October: About picture-books
In town yesterday I got a picture-book for my nephew in the Netherlands. Being an illustrator myself, I can get very happy that I can just buy a book for cheap money and do not have to spend months on planning and illustrating something. I did make a little illustration in beginning of the book today after church. That´s what I see real illustrators do, when they are signing their own books. I pretend to be an accomplished illustrator, at least my nephew will believe me.

Only after I checked on Wikipedia, did I find out that the local church of ours is actually really old (around 1250 AD). I should go and draw there more often. Both inside and outside. Maybe the caretaker will allow me to let me in on an saturday when I am back from the Netherlands.

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