Monday, November 26, 2012

Drawing Diary: 21 and 22 November

21 November: Churchbells
We are doing a hard job on the YWAM magazine. And these diary entries are getting in the way. It feels like I don´t get to do my work so well as I would like to. I was so tired in the morning, that I took a nap in lunchtime. Living next-door to work has advantages. It helped a lot. I even dreamt. in my dream I was working with a group of students to find out the purpose of dozens of heavy large metal objects. See, Even in my sleep I am trying to get to the original meaning of things.

22 November: Thanksgiving
A few Americans here have taken the initiative to organize a big Thanksgiving meal for everyone here at Grimerud. This year again. It´s such a great idea to remember and celebrate something by having a big feast. People like food. Come to think of it, that´s just like Pesach and the Lord´s Supper. Like last year, Justin shared with us the some of the background story of the Thanksgiving tradition. I have tos say, am a bit sentimental about paying respect to, and honoring your culture and forefathers.

On the topic of Thanksgiving, Here are some beautiful Thanksgiving illustrations, many of them from one of my favorite illustrators: N.C. Weyth. You can see that I used one of the illustrations as a reference for this entry.


Danielle Stark said...

I love your illustrations! If you have the time to drop by my blog, it would be much appreciated. I just started blogging and would love some tips

Jan Willem Middag said...

Hello there Dani, it is nice to hear that you found my blog and that you like it. I am planning to write a post about what I learned from doing this diary.
I choose to write about the things I want to remember. Stuff I did, good conversations. Special moments. At the end of the day I try to look back and find one (or two) thing that really mattered, it is not easy to keep the stories short.
The most important decision I made with this drawing diary, was to stick with posting something EVERY day.

Hope it helps,