Friday, November 9, 2012

Drawing Diary: 7 and 8 November

7 November: Ploughshares
I am digging the research I am doing on the ancient Assyrian civilization. In the bible it says in a short sentence that the Ninevites changed their lives. My job is to show the kids what that could have looked like. I believe that the bible and the history of the world line up, and that they will confirm each-other. Fun-fact: I found out that ploughshares were new inventions when Jonah was sent to Nineveh. Before that, they used hoes big sharp sticks.

8 November: I have cool friends, I am telling you.
Our accountant is leaving for Africa this night, he will be helping out on a big conference down there. There are a lot of new christians in that country and he will be having some seminars on something practical (I forgot what it was). He told me he had never spoken in front of a group of thousands before, he saw that he just had to walk on stage and get over the stagefright. One time has to be the first.
Other friends of mine will be in Africa´s youngest country in the coming weeks, they will be scouting the health-centre they plan to start there. I have cool friends, I am telling you.

Here´s a song that I have listened to alot in the last times. It get´s me to think of what it means for me to live in a christian community. My time back in the Netherlands, and then the "Homedays" here sparked that thought.

Just today, I came across this interview with John Hendrix. He is a professional illustrator, teaches and makes drawings in church. It´s not often I hear these kind of people.

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