Sunday, November 11, 2012

Drawing Diary: 9 and 10 November

9 November: Play by the rules, and wait for you turn.
Our YWAM-community has several cars and vans that we can use to get to town. If you want to use a car, you have to book it, fetch the keys from the board and return them afterwards. I was going to drive a friend to her appointment, but neither of us could find the keys for the car we had planned to use. We were running late and I just grabbed the keys for another of the cars, and drove off hoping no-one else had booked it. Dumb idea, someone was very upset when I came back. I had to ask for forgiveness for my thoughtlessness , and then he forgave me. You can imagine I learned a lesson that evening.

10 November: Pushed again.
I hurt my back while helping my friends move their furniture from one apartment to the other. Driving back and forth, I got to practice with rearing with car and trailer. On today´s reading list is the book of Revelations, the bible would not be the same without it. I want to guide my whole life after the whole bible. Coming up with my own interpretation of this book (and of the whole bible) is too easy. My belief is rather something that pushes me back or forth in the right direction, than some kind of opiate that makes me feel better about myself and the world.

This song by Die Toten Hosen, gives a strong idea of how I can feel "pushed" as a believer. (this song is not the best example, and also not the only one)
The book of Revelations is about Jesus and about the cross, like the rest of the bible. There is so much force, chaos and order in the book. It shows me that God has a plan and is in control even when all cosmic chaos breaks loose, and we are a part of His plan.

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