Monday, December 3, 2012

Drawing Diary: 29 and 30 November

29 November: Sometimes words have two meanings.
Today, people asked we wether I was "cake" after yesterday´s long dat with finishing the magazine. "Being cake" in the Norwegian language, means that you feel like a wreck, you crashed. But Norwegians love cake. In this country, people make cakes for every special occasion. And for every church-service.
I just wanted to tell you that this idiom is a riddle to me, and that I did feel a little "kake" after lunch.

30 November: Good people, live here.
Imagine, young people wanting to give the best years of their lives for missions and for each-other.
Today must have been the nicest day for me at Grimerud this year. We sat in the dining-hall with a bunch of people, just talking about everything and nothing. About places we wanted to go, on team-trips. There so many countries we dream of going, both to travel around in, and to do missions and aid-work. Tonight I am happy that YWAM puts so much value on being guided by God, otherwise we would all be running around everywhere, trying to do everything. And I am thankful for so many cool people around me that have Jesus on their hearts. It must bring such joy to God´s heart to see us sitting there.

It looks like there is more work in the stories than in the drawings. For me, the stories are more important than the drawings. When I draw a picture to every entry I write, it feels like I am telling the story one more time.
Enough complaining, We had a really good time on friday-evening. I am so happy that I live with a whole lot of awesome people.

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