Friday, October 18, 2013

Café Lights

Café lights

Besides working in the kitchen last week, I also worked at our Grimerud-café every evening during our week with the Circuit Riders.
We sold out all of the 38 «Forest Fruit» smoothies I prepared the week before. I´ve got to say too, that when I prepared these smoothies, I didn´t know that we were going to selling them this week. God knew, I reckon, and He made sure I got them ready.

Circuit Riders

The Circuit Rider week went really good, yet I didn´t get to be much in any of the meetings. One day, all (260) of the participants of the conference went out to many places in the area to help out people in need, and to share the gospel with them.
Many people they had talked with that day made a decision to become a christian. And people got healed and people got helped.
Even after the conference was done, participants continued to share the gospel where they went. Already on the way back on the train, going home, one of the participants struck on a conversation with another passenger. Who after a while decided to become a christian.
I am happy and thankful to have been a part of this.

It did cost me a little though, all this cooking and serving. I had been stressing so much during dinner preparation, that I got a little skin-problems again on my hands and feet. It stayed on for a couple of days, but now that all the work has been done, it is healing up again.
It is the same skin-problem I have had for many years, I always get a bit nervous and unsure once it shows it´s small yellow heads. I don´t want to be in that same pain all over again.

The Olympic ski-jump at Lillehammer.
On my day off from the intense week at the kitchen,
I drove a friend and her visiting brothers to the ski-jump.
We walked all the stairs, all the way to the top.

Even though we don´t do Halloween at Grimerud,
I refilled the candy-jar in the office anyway.

Back in the office, I´m continuing with the editorial work for the magazine. Asking people to write, and getting their articles back, then reading those, and often trying to make honest and careful suggestions on how we think they could improve their articles for our magazine.
In other words: I am working with other people´s written material in a language that is not my own. It is demands a lot of careful thought, I can assure you.

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