Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Forest Fruits-Smoothies

Special smoothies in the café at Grimerud this week.

I reused a drawing from a few weeks ago, and turned it into a sign for our café at Grimerud.

Little pacman-ghosts, freshly cut out.

Last weekend I portioned about forty smoothie-cups with the berries we picked and froze down this summer. Just in time for this busy week we are in now. We have 190 people visiting us for a thing called Circuit Riders. Together with the people that already live here, that adds up to a 260 mouths to feed. And that´s what I´ve been doing. Making dinner, and working at our café at Grimerud.
The smoothies we prepared are going selling really well (perhaps because of the fun-sign).

Prepped and portioned cups of  "Skogsbær"-smoothie.

Editorial work with the magazine has to wait a week,
this will give the writers some time to work on what we asked them to work on.

You see the wooden frame behind "the dump-tree",
that will be a new shed for all our different garbage-containers.

Fall colors on the way to Hamar.

More fall-colors.

Last tuesday, at midnight, after I was done with all the café-work. I watched up into the nightsky as I stepped outside. There, over the northside of Grimerud, the northern lights were showing. Very dim and hazy, but beautiful nonetheless. It moved only slowly.
I´ve never seen the lights so far south.

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