Thursday, October 31, 2013

Literary costumes

Halloween costumes, Peer Gynt-style:
Peer on the goat, and the farmer who cut off his finger with a sickle.

If you´r out on the streets tomorrow evening, stay safe and be nice.
Coming up with original costumes is just too much fun when you´r an illustrator.
I´ve tried to keep some candy in the jar in my office for this week, but twice I ate all of in myself.
For years, the churches in Hamar have been organising their own «nice» version of halloween, where kids don´t dress up as something scary, and they do games and get candy without going from door to door. I have helped out twice with that event, face painting and making balloon figures. I won´t be helping out this year.

For the fans:
Get a big flat cardboard box and dress up like a Wittenberg-churchdoor.
The 31st of October also is reformation-day,

New student on our DTS

Back at Grimerud we´ve got a new student for our DTS, the special thing with him is that he only has only known about Jesus and christianity for a few months. He is originally from a country where Islam is the predominant religion. 

My parents at the moose-statue,
it was outside the Norwegian Forestry Museum in Elverum.

Some old heavy duty forestry tractor at the same museum.

Around and around

Last week I had taken a week off, because of my birthday. And together with my parents we visited the Norwegian Forestry Museum in Elverum, lots of old photos, old tools, and stuffed bears and wolves. Elverum is only forty minutes away from where I live.

I really wanted to show you some "real big nice drawings", in the last weeks I have only been posting sketches and smaller drawings. I just don´t get to draw and paint as much as I want to. This weekend, I have been very busy in the kitchen here at Grimerud.
The work with the magazine is coming along quite well, I think. but I´ve mostly been working with text up to now, so I can´t show any funky drawings or paintings.

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