Wednesday, November 27, 2013

From studio to stable

Born yesterday, this is one of the calves I at the farm I am working on now.

Sometimes, it´s good to do something totally different. It´s one thing to talk about it, or think about it,  it´s another thing to just do it.
Last thursday, quite suddenly, I decided that I´m will be working on a diary-farm until the end of the year.
I´ve worked on farms before, both in the Netherlands and on Iceland.
I really enjoy the physical work on the farm, it´s a welcome change from all the office-work that I am doing the rest of the year.

I didn´t make any drawings for you this time, I´m tired. Gotta go to bed.

Good night

This is what my days look like now.
This one os the other newborn calf.

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