Wednesday, September 24, 2014

66 Black Grouse

66 Black Grouse.
This is the bird of Hamar´s Coat of Arms.

Yeah, sorry for not posting last week. I was pretty busy with the magazine. I needed to sleep and hang out with my friends too.
But now that the magazine is done, I can be making pictures again. This time I have drawn 66 Black Grouse. The number 66 is for all the books of the bible, and the bird for Hamar, the city where I go to church.
You might remember that I have draw a big page with 66 elephants before. Full pages of animals are a lot of fun to make, and the process is quite relaxing. It also gives me a good opportunity to practice drawing these specific animals. I think I´m going to be doing some more of them in the coming months.

 The magazine turned out pretty good. And as I hinted last time, I did end up on the cover page, I´ll let it be a surprise, what I will look like exactly. I have been on the cover of our Norwegain YWAM magazine before, but you would really have to look really well to see me.

Enjoy your week!

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