Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Second issue of Mot Målet for 2015

A few weeks ago, the second issue of Mot Målet for this year came in the mail. The big news is that YWAM Norway is starting up in another city, in Bergen.
The work there is going to focus mostly on the christian students in the city, in a similar way that YWAM Olso already is doing. They will be a community of christian students that share life and follow Jesus together.
The city of Bergen has a great history of sending missionaries, and we want to relive that heritage in our time. YWAM is well known in the city, and the big majority of the churches is very happy that we have com to town.

This is the last time I´m writing the editorial,
on the next issue, we will have a new editor.

It´s summer time, and many of us at Grimerud have left for summer-vacation. We won´t make another issue of Mot Målet until after the summer, so I´ve got to find a good and fun project to work on in those weeks.

The main building is still being painted white,
we had some trouble at the front and paint had to be taken off again.
But this side is looking really fine in the evening sun.

 The moment when nearly everyone who was in the office that day
decided to sit and work in our «Design and IT-office/cave».

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