Thursday, February 18, 2016

She said yes

I was going to post this for four weeks ago, but then it got delayed every Wednesday after that one.
The reason for the huge hiatus is that I proposed to Marina on the 21st of January, and she said yes.
We are so in love with each other, and family life keeps us three both busy and happy.

At Café UNO, we have a wall of handprints.
A few weeks ago, Marina and Ana put their hand-prints next to mine.
Since got together, the girls are always with me on the Saturdays I work at the café.

We are planning to get married on the 16th of April, that´s only eight weeks from now. It´s all super exciting. This means that I am crazy busy with planning and preparing our simple wedding. I have not felt so alive since elementary school.
In the meantime, I´m back in Skien to work on the next issue of Mot Målet. This issue is going to have a new design and format, so that´s really exciting.

Just before I left to Skien this week I took a picture of my personal archive,
These are all the issues of Mot Målet that I have yet made for YWAM.
After 26 issues, we have changed to a new design.

With our wedding and the start of our family coming up we can use all the finances we can get. So, I´ve started working as substitute preschool-teacher for some days here at the preschool that we have at Grimerud. It´s the same preschool that our Ana goes to four days in the week. I love hanging out with kids, and it´s good parenting practice too.

Since we are going to be crazy busy for the next weeks, I don´t know when the next time will be that I will update the blog.

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