Sunday, March 4, 2012

Drawing Diary: 2 and 3 March 2012

2 March: Spring song
Early spring is the messiest time of the year. The melting snow makes everything puddly and muddy. When we open the window of our busy basement office, we can hear the birds sing. The first song-birds are back in the trees. Down by the side of the road to work lies a little frozen bird, that one did not make it into the new season.

3 March: Destructive/constructive
I was talking with someone that recently had started working at here. We were comparing the YWAM-base with other places we have lived and worked. At one point it came up, that everything here is «spiritual». Here it is very unusual to find people keep having destructive life-habits. In other aid-organsiations and NGO´s  you could get away with that. We really hope and want that Grimerud is a constructive place to work.

I think it is very good that people come to be at a YWAM-base because it is such a good place to be for them. And to set off some time for bible reading and prayer. But we are a missions organization, and not a rehab/hospital/hotel.
Firstly, we want to be an organization that is guided by God (through his word and Spirit), this has always been a very decisive value.
The post of 14 February is somewhat about the same topic.

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